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Gas Installations & Regulations


Got Gas (Pty) Ltd performs gas installations within the Johannesburg Area. Contact us and we will confirm if we cover your area.

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For your information here are some rules affecting gas cylinder placement for your gas installation:

1.  Cylinders must be more than 1m from openings into the house, this includes doors, windows, airbricks etc.*

2.  Cylinders must be more than 2m from an open drain or gully (incl. storm water).

3.  Cylinders must be 5m from any electrical source of ignition, this includes aircon compressors, pool pumps, plugs, switches, db boards, circuit breakers etc. (except ones located inside, ie on the inside of the house).


*a cylinder may be placed below a window provided the window is 3m above the cylinder installation or 300mm if there is a fireproof barrier (eg. cage) between.