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Gas Geyser/Water Heater Installations

Why heat water with gas?

Gas water heating is highly efficient.

Since its a “heat on demand” system no water is heated that doesn’t need to be heated. And there is no storage of hot water. It simply heats the water as it passes through the pipe.

Hot water is endless.

Because the water is heated “In-line” it is essentially endless, you can never run out of hot water provided you have water and gas.

Gas is green

Electrical geysers run off power provided by coal fired power stations, these power stations often run at efficiency ratios lower than 35%. This means that of the energy being burnt, only 35% or less is going into generating electricity, that means 65% is going up in smoke.

This figure is further reduced by distribution losses.

Since LPG is a by-product of fuel production, it is always being produced, but it isn’t always being consumed, this means that refineries have to flare there excess LPG. Using gas as an energy source, one reduces the amount of flared and wasted energy, and reduces the demand for dirty coal powered electricity.

Gas water heating is up to 94% efficient, i.e., 94% of the energy actually goes into heating the water. Meaning less carbon dioxide is expelled into the atmosphere to heat your water.

In fact by heating your water on gas one is reducing ones hot water carbon footprint by as much as 59%

No chance of a burst geyser.

Since gas water heaters do not store hot water, they cannot over pressurise and burst.

Also since they are predominantly located on outside walls, if there is any sort of leak, its outside, and not in your ceiling.

How a gas water heater works.

As mentioned earlier, since a gas water heater effectively heats in-line, the cold water flows into the unit, the gas is ignited in the combustion chamber, the cold water passes several times past the combustion chamber and the water flows out hot, having extracted most of the heat out of the combustion chamber.

When the flow of water stops, the combustion stops and no more energy is consumed.

What size gas water heater do I need?

Lets start by seeing how gas water heaters are quoted. You may hear of 5 litre units, 14 litre units, right up to 32 litre units. This does not refer to the storage capacity (as is the case with electric, solar and heat pump). It refers to the delivery rate in Litres per Minute, whilst increasing the water temperature by 25 degrees.

So when deciding on a gas water heater, one takes into account how much water is being used in 1 minute. Unlike other water heating sources, gas water heaters can heat water the whole day (endless), so how many showers baths and taps is irrelevant, what is relevant is how many showers taps or baths AT THE SAME TIME.

Also in winter the input temperature of water is much colder, which means the gas water heater has to restrict the flow rate by as much as half to achieve the desired temp. So a 20l unit can become a 10l in winter.

How much water do taps use.

Kitchen/basin taps +- 3-5 litres/minute

Showers +- 6 – 25 litres/minute (the 25l/minute is more for the very large “monsoon” showers)

Baths +- 6 – 28 litres/minute

To replace an average household 150l electric geyser, we generally recommend a 20 – 26 litre gas water heater, this will result in very little change to your hot water flow characteristics. Smaller units can be used, but remember if someone else turns on a tap, your shower may turn into a trickle, so we avoid this by spec'ing correctly.

People often still think of the traditional gas water heaters, like the old ones you used to find on the farms, the ones that used to take 30 mins to fill a bath. But the reality is, they have come a long way and can now deliver at a rate comparable to electric geysers, but endlessly hot, and efficient.

Gas Geyser Installation Estimate Pricing:

Single 19 Kg Bottle Gas Geyser Installation From R3800
Double 19 Kg Bottle Gas Geyser Installation From R5500
Double 48 Kg Bottle Gas Geyser Installation From R7800

The installlations include all or some of the following where needed: 

Inline Regulator, Ball Valves(Shut off valves), Changeover Switch, Pigtails, 6m PEX Piping, Sundry LPG Hardware, Reticulation Labour, Certification. 

This estimate price does not include the gas geyser of your choice or our recommendation. To view gas geyser prices click here.

In order for us to provide you with actual pricing on your installation we would need to conduct an onsite inspection***.