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Welcome to the Got Gas (Pty) Ltd installation division.

We perform Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Town/Egoli/Natural Gas Installations. We can quote you on domestic installations of Gas Hobs, Stoves, Built In Braai's, Fireplaces and Water Geysers/Heaters; Industrial installations of boilers, large scale burners and Industrial Gas Piping and Commercial boiler tables and piping. We do a lot of work with Architects and can also advise you on development planning with regards to LP Gas reticulation.

We also issue gas safety certificates of compliance. Please view our Certificates of Compliance section for more information on gas compliance rules, regulations and pricing.

Important Insurance Fact...

Your insurance company will not cover accidents arising from gas installations not certified by a LPGSA SA Certified Installer. It is now required by law that all gas installations only be performed by a certified gas installer (no other person is allowed to work on gas pipes).

Contact Us to request an assessment and/or gas safety certificate for your gas installation.

Did you know?
  • By using a Rinnai Gas Water Heater/Geyser users can enjoy aproximately 30% - 40% savings in running cost when compared to a traditional eletric water geyser.
  • When installing a gas hob, you can place a single 9 Kg gas bottle within a kitchen cupboard so long as there is sufficient ventilation.
  • Gas bottle installations at thatched houses now need to be 3 metres away from any thatched roof and need to be behind a firewall(double brick wall).
  • Users who utilise the Egoli gas network enjoy huge price savings because natural gas is supplied 40 - 50% cheaper than bottled gas.
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new building law released
SANS 10400XE2 - South African Building Code now stipulates that 50% or more of all Water Heating must come from sources other than electricity.

Gas Safety Regulations & Compliance

gas regulations & safety
Some tips on how to keep your home safe while using gas. Also some information on gas bottle placement per LPGSA SA Regulations if your installation is to qualify for a gas safety compliance certificate.


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